2023 New Toyota Sequoia

  Sequoia, one of the special models of Toyota that is not available in our country, was launched with its brand new chassis. The 7-seater luxury SUV is synonymous with the word SUV with its design, equipment and power. The new chassis Toyota Sequoia will continue to exist in its third generation as a structured vehicle as the Japanese company emulates Lexus models. Let's take a closer look at the details of this vehicle. Launched in 2000 as Toyota's premium SUV model, the Toyota Sequoia was especially sold in the US market. Having reached its second generation in 2007, this vehicle was on the list of preference for those who wanted a large SUV with its equipment and structure, but it did not show great success against brands such as Chevy, Lincoln and Ford in the US market. However, this vehicle, which has achieved a certain amount of sales every year, will now hit the road with its new chassis. The third generation Sequoia will be offered to its users in a smaller volu